duckbunny (woolly_socks) wrote in tiredgirls,

Vitamin B vs PMS

Hi, I'm Eleanor. By way of introduction, I'm 30, a part-time designer, I suffer from Chronic Daily Headache, an Anxiety Disorder, Dysthymic Depression, and, of course, Fatigue with a capital F. But I consider myself one of the lucky ones, I am able to work, part-time at least.

I wanted to share a new discovery, in the hopes that it might help some of you out there. It may be old news to some!

I get wicked, evil PMS. And as you either know or can probably imagine, chronic pain and illness are hard enough to cope with, without adding anything else to the mix. My main PMS symptoms are severe anxiety, which I am prone to anyway, depression and insomnia.

So anyway, some time ago I started taking a vitamin B supplement, which made a huge difference. I had no idea quite how much difference, until I stopped taking it a few months back. (Isn't it funny how quickly you can get used to relief?!) I ran out, and I was taking so many other supplements and medications that I put off buying more. And then I forgot about it. Not long afterwards, I was beset by the worst PMS I'd had in years. Frequent panic attacks, dreadful insomnia, and I'd often burst into tears for absolutely no reason. I thought hard about what might eb going on, and realised that the only thing I'd changed was stopping the vitamin B. So I bought some more, and next cycle, the PMS had down-graded significantly, and was once more pretty darned manageable. Not great, but manageable.

So if you get PMS, and haven't tried vitamin B, I'd recommend giving it a shot. I don't know if there are any contraindications, I guess check it out if you are not sure if it's OK to take supplements along with with any meds you are on.
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