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a request


i am nicole, i am a stay at home mom with chronic pain- in the form of chronic intractable migraines.

i am speaking at the mama gathering 2006 on invisible illnesses.

to prepare, and send people home with a fairly good idea of what to read up on, ideas for relief, and all that, i am turning to a few lj and non lj communities to share favorite books, tips, and advice for dealing with all forms of invisble illnesses- you look fine, you must not be sick. sure, right, ok.

anyways, if you are not comfortable commenting here please feel free to email me at pickleboot@livejournal.com.

for those interested, mama gathering is in cleveland ohio aug 4-6 this year. there is a link, but my brain broke.

thanks, and hope everyone is having a good and relatively pain free day!
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One of my favourite books on chronic pain is All In My Head by Paula Kamen. Fave website would be www.chronicbabe.com.

If I think of anything else I'll come back later.
i love that book- i have permission from her to copy things for the workshop.

i'll have to check out chronic babe- i hadn't heard of that.
It's a very cool site. Lots of practical tips, healthy recipes, articles on new research etc.