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i'm a 16 year sufferer of headaches. my most recent doctor i will say at least tries.
my headaches in general last at least 24 hours. more towards 3 days. so my doctor tried a bunch of meds that last 24 hours. the only one that may have worked was the flova..but by the time i would take that it was time for me to drift into the sick headache
now she has me on beta blockers...lord to say i'm a bit drifty is a major understatement.i did fight the whole thing of being on daily meds for years. (with the exception of birth control).
does anyone else take beta blockers? and if you have..does half a dose work?(not liking the drifty stoner feeling)
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My doctor put me on beta-blockers for chronic migraines recently. The side-effects (mainly feeling so tired I could barely get out of bed) sucked so much I quit taking them. The doctor convinced me to give it another try, but on a much lower dosage. The plan is to increase the dosage slowly. Apparently the side-effects are temporary, so easing into it can help to minimise them. The only trouble is that taking longer to get up to full dosage means that it will take longer to take effect, so I have to be super-patient. Not easy when you are in pain!

I don't know if they are going to work yet. I'm due to increase the dosage soon.