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hi there.

i know that this comm hasn't been the most active of late, but i am hoping that someone here can talk me through what i am going through. i started, if i am going to be honest with myself, having a lot of numbness/loss of feeling/loss of strength on my left side in april. of course, i get basilar migraines mixed in with the noraml intractable ones, and wrote it off to a bad migraine.

apparently, though, i was wrong. i finally went in to see my pcp about it in december, right before the holidays, and have been seeing a whirlwind of specialists, tests, and scans since. i have had an mri, an mra, have an emg scheduled, as well as know that at some point they want me for two days of testing in hospital. lovely.

so- there are three working theories. one- it is ms. two- it is als. three- it is some sort of neuropathy of unknown causes. what i do know is that it is pretty obvious that prednisone is not making it better, but that neurontin might be keeping it where it is and from getting worse. i am in near constant pain from the burning/ntingling/awful lightning flashes that go through my left leg and arm, and now my left side of my trunk and face. lovely, huh?

does anyone else here have ms and is willing to talk to me about it? or als? or just some funky neuropathy? i have pt and ot scheduled, as well as a few visits with a therapist to work through my loss of mobility- it is freaking me out that i cannot knit or spin easily, or type, and i am a professional blogger.

so there it is. any other questions, ask away, and i hope that the rest of you are having a good day.
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