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Hey there. I am home sick from work again. I'm lucky, my boss is really good about absences. Last time we talked about it she even instructed me to stop worrying about it so much.

So the thing that is getting to me the most right now is that I am so f***ing bored of being at home. I'm sick of naps, sick of reading, sick of watching DVDs. How do you guys cope with the boredom of being chronically ill? How do you fill the endless restful hours? It's driving me nuts.

I've been sick for about 8 years. Mostly with Chronic Daily Headache and migraines, but more recently (the last couple of years) with chronic fatigue as well. I used to just push through the pain, which is probably how I ended up so tired. Recently I've been learning to listen to my body and slow down. So far, so good. Except for the boredom. All this resting is running at odds with my personality, it seems.

LJ helps, but I can't stay on the computer too long because it makes my neck and shoulders too sore.
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