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Bowen technique and Botox for migraines

Hi, I posted a while back about Bowen technique and ages ago about Botox for my chronic migraines. I recently came to suspect that the Botox was making my chronic fatugue worse, so I quit the treatment.

And now I've started feeling a lot better, fatigue-wise anyway. So I thought I'd keep y'all posted in case you are considering either of these two treatments. Basically I've broken my own rule, by changing more than one thing at a time (quitting Botox and starting Bowen) so it's hard to know what has caused the improvement. But being a science-girl, my money is on the Botox getting out of my system.

My anaesthetist, who was administering the Botox, said he had not heard of Botox causing fatigue. But I noticed I felt even more tired than usual after each treatment, and my general fatigue levels definitely got worse not long after I first commenced the treatment. So, this is anecdotal, obviously, not clinical data, but keep it in mind if you are considering Botox treatment.

I certainly don't regret it though. I've had the injections every six weeks for a year, and the improvement in my myofascial pain syndrome (a major migraine/tension headache trigger for me) has been HUGE. My shoulders now feel like real shoulders, instead of blocks of wood. It's just been a harder road than I expected. I had no idea it was possible to feel this tired.

Maybe only some people have this reaction to Botox, which is why there is no clinical data on fatigue as a side-effect.

As for the Bowen, well, the jury is still out. It doesn't necessarily not work! But it's (surprise!) not a miracle cure for migraines.
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